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‘12°C is too cold!’ ‘Ideal’ temperature to heat homes – ‘keeps energy bills to a minimum’




“In this instance, mould forms as the cold air creates a damp environment. The perfect temperature for our living spaces is between 18 and 21 degrees for minimising mould and our bedrooms should be 18 degrees for better sleep.”

Brian Roberts, Lead Gas Tutor at HybridTec noted that there is a certain temperature range to keep your heating most efficient and cost-effective.

He said: “We have been keeping homes warm and comfortable for many years. The Energy Saving Trust recommends heating your home to between 18 to 21 degrees Celsius during winter to keep energy bills to a minimum and keep people warm. And The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests 18 degrees is the ideal temperature for healthy and well-dressed people. 

“In Practice, we must consider the age and health of individuals. Temperatures may need to be increased slightly for vulnerable people, newborns, the elderly, etc. However, the above temperature range is the most efficient and cost effective way to heat your home.”

Rebecca Armstrong, director at Mersey Eco Grants agreed: “The minimum temperature any home should be at is 18 degrees. I can safely say that 12 degrees is certainly too cold.”

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