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‘17 times cheaper per load!’: ‘Best time of day’ to do laundry to ‘save money’




Running the dryer also uses considerable energy. The experts advised: “Air dry your clothes when possible, for things like athletic gear (it dries quickly) and bulky items such as blankets or jeans. 

“Air drying is also a good way to preserve designs on t-shirts and keeps colours from fading or wearing too quickly, as the heat of the dryer causes fading and wear.”

Homeowners should also consider upgrading their washer and dryer to more energy-efficient models. 

The laundry gurus explained: “These certified washers use on average 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water than non-certified machines, saving you several hundred pounds over the lifetime of the appliance. 

“While there are the upfront costs to keep in mind, energy-efficient washers and dryers use less detergent, are better for the environment, and clean clothes more thoroughly in addition to saving you money each time you run them.”

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