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3 Days. 68 Kids. Snapshots of Summer on Coney Island.




What would summer be without a little heat? A little adventure? A little mischief? Last month, The New York Times for Kids visited Coney Island to get all three. Along the beach, in the maze of rides at Luna Park and on the sandy boardwalk, we found and spoke to more than 50 kids to find out what they love most about this quirky but classic New York destination. For some kids, it was the roller coasters. For others, it was just being with their friends when school’s out. Yet one thing seemed to be true among the kids we met: There’s no better place to stay cool.

Additional reporting by Alexa Díaz

Josh Ocampo is a Senior Digital Editor for The New York Times for Kids. Caroline Tompkins is a photographer and a professor at the School of Visual Arts.

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