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40-year-old shares how she is 'ageing backwards' and 'looks so much better'




Lauren O’Connell, 40, is the Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan Middle East and is often complimented on her youthful appearance.

Stating that she looks better at 40 than she did at 25, Lauren took to YouTube to share her top tips for women who want to look younger, although she did admit that ageing is “wonderful” and a “privilege”.

Lauren’s first tip was to ditch the caffeine, despite being a coffee enthusiast because despite loving it, she felt “horrible” afterwards.

After giving it up, she revealed that her skin “looks so much better”, “more beautiful and radiant” rather than “dry and dehydrated”.

Along with coffee, Lauren said goodbye to alcohol, which she suggested she could no longer tolerate after spiritually “raising her vibration”.

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As well as waking up with a “clear head”, the beauty fan found that her skin improved – “it was like it took five years off my age”.

Lauren did not suggest that everyone follows her “hardcore” method of ditching coffee and alcohol but advised that people would “see an improvement” if they cut down.

The next way Lauren aged backwards was to ditch the self-tanner, claiming that the “ingredients suck” and they “age your skin”.

While she did have a “glow” from the self-tan, she found that her skin was “dehydrated” – her skin “crying” out for help.

For a youthful look, Lauren – who has an impressive science background – also revamped her skincare regime.

She revealed that when it comes to skincare, there are some products out there jam-packed with “horrendous ingredients” that are “not good for your skin”.

Some of the ingredients she looks for to ensure her skin is the “best it can be” include tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and the ascorbatee – a “phenomenal” derivative of Vitamin C.

The final way Lauren “aged backwards” was changing her mindset, and “understanding her purpose” which was to “experience life”.

She found that the more she “connected” with herself, through meditation, manifesting and searching for deeper meaning, positivity radiated out of her.

Lauren concluded: “Once I figured out how to step into my power, things have just been clicking together for me.

“I would say I have manifested better skin, I’ve manifested ageing backwards – inside too I feel younger right now at 40 than I definitely felt at 25.”

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