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Alzheimer’s: Support patients and caregivers




As a teen Alzheimer’s Association Purple Ambassador, I recently participated in the Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Day in Olympia. It was energizing to meet with other advocates, connect on our stories and engage with legislators.

I advocate for Alzheimer’s so that one day nobody has to watch their loved one suffer from the disease while having to make sacrifices to take care of them.

I encourage state Sen. Lisa Wellman, and state Reps. Tana Senn and My-Linh Thai to support the addition of $1.734 million in this year’s budget to expand the Dementia Resource Catalyst pilot program, providing services to people with dementia living in their own homes. Additionally, I ask for the support of Senate Bill 5640, which creates a work group that would protect the rights of seniors in independent living communities for long-term care. Finally, backing the inclusion of $1.372 million in this year’s budget to expand the Office of Public Guardianship would help ensure vulnerable seniors receive the best possible care and protection.

Finding ways that utilize brain plasticity to stimulate neuronal growth in Alzheimer’s patients and neurologically traumatized individuals through creative endeavors is something I hope to explore in the future.

Abhidi Brahnmath, Bellevue

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