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America: Turn to self-reflection




It has always bothered me when Americans choose the “feel good” response over objective statements. Compliments given by Americans to themselves lack either honesty or discernment, which in turn alters situations. This applies to politics as well.

Every election year, Americans are told that they are the greatest. Never mind mass murders; drug addiction; callousness and crudeness; perpetual ignorance; increased sellout to stupidity; boycotting lifelong learning; business and profits over education; corporate and investor greed over contentment; boisterousness over contemplative introspection; noise over quietude.

During the COVID-19 era, immigrants — much maligned by the GOP — have been working hard, as many American voters retired early and we saw the “great resignation.”

 Thoughtful opinion pages of our newspapers are vital in the common discourse of a self-congratulatory, boasting nation, startlingly unaware of its own shortcomings.

Helga Teske, Olympia

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