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Astrologer shares 3 ‘craziest’ signs in the Chinese zodiac who ‘live life with no regrets'




In Chinese astrology, there are 12 animals all with different characteristics and personality traits.

An astrologer at Your Chinese Astrology revealed the three “craziest” Chinese zodiac signs – Rat, Snake and Tiger.

These signs do not enjoy the “stable life”, instead seeking experiences that “enrich” them deeply.

Far from mundane, these signs are known for “living a life with no regrets” and “daring to try crazy things”.

According to the astrologer, Rat “likes to try new things” and “hates to have any regrets”, not being afraid to try things out even if they fail.

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They claimed: “In their eyes, life means to do something crazy, or it will be stagnant.

“Because of this, they would rather try crazily than miss any chance.”

Rat is great to have around because they promise adventure and are never boring. Their “craziness” is also their secret to “success”, the astrologer claimed.

Another one of the “craziest” Chinese zodiac signs is Snake, the astrologer claimed, although they may not appear it at first glance.

The expert warned: “Don’t be taken in by the poker face of those under the Snake sign – they are actually crazy inside!”

Like Rat, Snake does not like to live life with regrets and is willing to try anything once, unafraid of challenging the “status quo”.

Tiger is the final “crazy” sign in the Chinese zodiac, according to the astrologer, never dull and with a “passion for everything”.

The expert claimed that this zodiac sign hopes to be “worshipped by others”, so will do whatever it takes to “prove how brave and superior they are”.

The astrologer claimed: “ For almost all the Tiger people, life is just a big party and an endless journey to find fun.”

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