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Banish slugs from entering your home using 40p cupboard staple that ‘dehydrates’ pests




There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find slug and snail trails all over plant pots, paving slabs and even windows.

Slugs do most of their damage at night which means gardeners will often wake up in the morning to find holes in their plants.

Slugs usually target young, tender and leafy plants. They can either eat the whole plant or leave holes in the plant’s leaves.

The pests will target a wide range of vegetables and plants but some of their favourites are hostas, delphiniums, sweet peas and tulips.

Gardeners may find it difficult to grow these plants at all if their gardens are prone to slugs.

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With summer fast approaching, and gardeners preparing their gardens for the warmer months, slugs will likely become more of a problem.

A home expert at HomeServe has offered advice on how to deal with common pests this summer.

Rather than opting for pesticides which can be toxic to wildlife, the expert suggested using copper tape.

The expert said: “Slugs enter buildings in search of food and will remain in any areas where damp conditions occur, for example, a damp cellar or behind kitchen appliances.

“In the first instance, it’s important to identify their entry point and block them with a sealant to stop them being able to come into the house.

“You can also stick copper tape across common entry points i.e. doorways and windowsills as the tape will emit a small charge and stop the slug going any further.

“For slugs which are already in the house, you can use salt to dehydrate and kill them.”

Salt can be found in most homes but for those who don’t have any, it can be bought online or from most local supermarkets.

Sainsbury’s Table Salt costs 65p, Asda table salt costs 65p and Cook With M&S Table Salt costs 40p.

Gardeners that are concerned about their plants can instead choose plants that slugs dislike.

Slugs dislike ferns, hydrangeas, lavender, rosemary and germaniums.

While slugs and snails may be found in a geranium bed, they won’t eat the plant’s flowers or leaves.

Slugs dislike rosemary and lavender because they don’t like the plants’ strong scent.

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