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How trash bandits, furry and feathered, outsmart humans for food

In their quest for food, animals across the world are venturing into human environments to access one of the richest urban food sources:...

James Webb Space Telescope offers spectacular new picture of Neptune's rings — but Voyager got there first

This week saw the release of an ethereal image of Neptune, the most distant planet from the sun, taken by the James Webb Space...

When an octopus kills, it is stealthy and calculating

As It Happens6:32When an octopus kills, it is stealthy and calculatingWhen an octopus entangles its prey in its swirling mass of tentacles, it...

A new book lets the Milky Way speak for itself — and it's kind of a jerk

Astronomers have dedicated whole careers trying to understand our Milky Way galaxy — like how does it all work? How did it form from...

Facebook violated rights of Palestinian users, report finds

Actions by Facebook and its parent Meta during last year's Gaza war violated the... | What to know about Signal, the secure messaging app that keeps all of your conversations private

Signal is a fully featured messaging app, built with a privacy-first mindset. Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images Signal is a free messaging app that uses... | TikTok will make under-16s' accounts private by default to protect them from potential groomers

TikTok tightened the privacy settings of tens of millions of teen users Changes announced on Wednesday mean TikTok users won't be able to... | Signal won't replace WhatsApp, people will use both, says a cofounder of one and leader of the other

Signal founder Brian Acton (left) and Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook owns WhatsApp. Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for WIRED, Abdulhamid Hosbas/Anadolu Agency via Getty...

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