Wednesday, June 7, 2023



Terrifying moment snake catchers pull massive 12ft long python from a toilet

Horrified homeowners discovered a massive 12ft python curled up inside the bowl of their toilet in Nonthaburi province of Thailand on June 4 Source...

Inside King Charles love affair with unlikely country where he's seen as 'one of their own'

Following his historic Coronation and his busy royal diary of late, King Charles has decided to get away from it all by taking...

Man who spent 93 days at bottom of ocean joined by mum after he de-ages 10 years

Retired naval officer Joseph Dituri has spent more than three months living inside a 100sq-ft pod in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean...

Haiti chaos as death toll from the heavy floods rises to 42 and earthquake hits

Haiti was already a vulnerable country and now the flooding has now pushed many to breaking point with damaged homes and displaced residents Source...

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