Saturday, February 4, 2023



Astronomers find planet in the 'habitable zone' just 31 light years from Earth

A planet called Wolf 1069 b has been found 31 light years away from Earth which has the same mass as our planet...

Inside the quietest room in the world – and no one can stay inside for more than an hour

An echo chamber at Microsoft's headquarters in Washington, has been recognised by the Guinness World Records as the quietest room in the world...

Vladimir Putin poised to axe security service head as scapegoat for failing Ukraine war

Sources say axing Alexander Bortnikov could be seen as an attempt to pin the blame on Vladimir Putin's failing war against Ukraine or...

Dad who strangled daughter to death told police he killed her to 'wash away the shame'

Taiba Alali fled her homeland in 2017 to start a new life in Turkey and had planned to wed her Syrian-born boyfriend. But...

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