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Climate change: It can’t be an afterthought




Re: “Abortion and inflation are issues that matter most to voters in state, new poll indicates” [July 19, A1]:

On a day when Europe was literally burning, the Southwestern Plains were under a record-setting heat dome and heat waves were affecting many other part of the world, I was stunned to read that the WA Poll showed that more respondents chose border security than climate change as a top issue.

Are they worried about a horde of Canadians sneaking across our northern border? Sadly, climate change had the lowest percentages against the other issues in almost all categories in the poll.

I care deeply about abortion rights, gun control and inflation too, but I want candidates to know that my top priority is voting for representatives who will fight for climate policies that make a real impact. Climate change is too important to be an afterthought.

Sheri Jacobson, Kent

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