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‘Costs more money!’ Engineer shares ‘nasty’ heating myths to avoid for ‘cheaper’ bills




The engineer said: “A tip that has been popular with experts for many years is installing a smart meter into your home. This allows you to see how much energy you are using and how much it is going to cost you. But, this alone doesn’t save you money.

“For a smart meter to save you money, it will require you to act. The meter will tell you how much energy you’re using, which then allows you to cut back and turn off the heating or electrical appliances which are eating up your electricity. Simply investing in a smart meter does not save you money directly.”

Myth 4: Fireplaces are a great way to heat a home

While this may sound surprising, Nigel warned that wood burners are not an “efficient way” to keep homes warm. He said: “Since human civilisation began we have been using a wooden fire to keep ourselves warm. Even though it is less common today some people still use this method to keep their home warm. Some people believe that it is an efficient way to keep themselves warm during the cold weather. However, this is not true.

“Fireplaces that require a chimney can cause major heat loss in a home. That’s because cold air can get in via the top of the chimney and hot air can escape. 

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