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Drivers face hefty fines and licence points for saying 'thank you' and other common habits




With major new Highway Code changes introduced earlier this year, drivers have a renewed focus on the rules of the road. But many may be unaware of the laws they could be breaking every day and how they can avoid hefty fines.

Saying thank you

Motorists normally raise their hand above the steering wheel to say thank you or to let another driver move at a junction.

However, these small gestures are actually a breach of the Highway Code as the driver may lose control of their steering wheel.

This means those who lose control while waving at the wheel could be hit with a £1,000 fine, discretionary disqualification and three penalty points on their licence.

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Splashing pedestrians

While this may not be relevant for the summertime, drivers are warned of driving through puddles near pedestrians.

Although it can be a genuine mistake, the law can view it as careless and inconsiderate driving.

If a driver doesn’t follow this rule, they can end up with a fine and three points on their licence.

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