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East Vancouver family says vehicles targeted, 11 tires slashed since October




An East Vancouver couple said they’ve been the victims of targeted harassment and damage to property for weeks.

Shannon and Innis told Global News they’ve had to replace 11 tires on their two different vehicles that have been slashed in six separate incidents.

The couple has not given their last names for security reasons.

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“You can see very clearly knife punctures in the side of our tires,” Shannon said.

The couple said they haven’t heard of any other vehicles in the immediate area having their tires slashed.

“This person is targeting us specifically. No other vehicles in (the) surrounding (area), only us, every time,” Shannon said.

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“After the fourth incident in October, we stopped parking our vehicles at home.”

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The couple said they’ve lived in the neighbouhood for more than 13 years, and have no idea who it could be.

“We have great relationships with all of our neighbours,” Shannon said.

Shannon said after the couple stopped parking their vehicles outside their home, the tire slashing stopped until around seven weeks later.

“He has now figured out we’re parking around the neighbourhood, and is hunting out our vehicles, finding one of them last night and slashing two more tires.”

The couple said they know it’s a man targeting their vehicles because they caught the suspect on camera, numerous times.

The couple says they caught this man on CCTV footage, who they believe is responsible for the harassment.

Global News

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“It’s the same person every time, just targeting us every time,” Shannon said.

“We are at a loss. This is a very targeted thing against our family for some reason.”

The family said they have no idea why their vehicles are being targeted.

To make matters worse, when the couple reached out to ICBC for coverage questions, ICBC said they will not cover the damages. In fact, they told them to stop reporting the damages to ICBC or their vehicle would be flagged as “high risk,” thus upping their rates.

The couple said they have been paying out of pocket for the tires, costing them thousands of dollars.

According to them, Vancouver police have been helpful regarding the apparent crimes.

They said police have increased patrols in their neighbourhood.

“We don’t feel safe. Someone has been on our driveway with a knife numerous times,” Shannon said.

“It feels like it’s escalating.”

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Vancouver police said the damages have been reported to police numerous times.

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“This is very concerning,” said Sgt. Steve Addison.

“No one should have to live like this and no one should be fearful at their home.”

The incidents are under investigation.

Global News has reached out to ICBC for comment.

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