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‘Effective’ 59p ‘cupboard essential’ to clean ‘anywhere in homes’ from grout to drains




Spring is the season for fresh starts and fresh homes, which is why it’s the perfect time to do a deep clean of the house and get to-do lists up to date.

However, with the ongoing cost of living crisis and increasing energy bills, it’s not quite as simple as relying on appliances and expensive cleaning products to do the heavy lifting.

To help, the experts at Studio have shared five cleaning hacks to keep homes squeaky clean while also cutting down on costs.

1. Empty the vacuum to increase the impact

For those who want to keep their home clean, it’s important to show the same care with their appliances. The experts explained that by emptying a vacuum’s dust collector and keeping its brush or roller clean, households can “significantly increase its suction power”. 

They said: “This will make your vacuum more effective and reduce the amount of time you need to complete this chore. To keep on top of this, make sure that you remove any stubborn remnants from your vacuum after every use, such as hair, dust, and thread.”

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2. Create a natural cleaning spray

There’s no denying that the cost of cleaning products can stack up. Fortunately, there are plenty of “cupboard essentials that can double up as cleaning aids”, claimed the experts.

They said: “Bicarbonate of soda is one of the most effective natural products you can use anywhere in the home for cleaning surfaces and grout, removing dirt, and even unblocking drains. Best of all, you can purchase it for around 59p in supermarkets.”

Baking soda can be used by simply sprinkling it over the surfaces in need of cleaning and using a wet sponge to gently wipe it away. 

The experts suggested: “Alternatively, you can create your own cleaning spray with 150ml of water and two heaped tablespoons of baking soda. For an even more effective cleaning spray, add the same quantity of white vinegar to your mix.”

3. Reduce washing temperature 

One of the simplest ways to reduce energy usage is by setting the washing machine temperature to 30 degrees or lower.

Very few items actually require a hotter wash to keep fresh, and a cool wash works just as well to keep clothes sparkly clean. The experts said: “You can save 40 percent of the energy your washing machine uses each cycle.

“What’s more, a cool wash can help protect the more delicate items in your laundry, minimising the chance of shrinkage and fading.”

4. Don’t ditch the dishwasher 

It is a common misconception that a dishwasher uses more energy than if households were to wash up by hand. 

In fact, the experts revealed that modern dishwashers usually require “less time and energy” than a running tap to heat up its water, so are typically more energy efficient. Just make sure that the dishwasher is full before starting a cycle.

However, to help avoid having to wash any items twice, it is important to load up a dishwasher properly and defiantly not overfill it. 

The experts said: “As a rule of thumb, load delicate and fragile items on the top shelf, and stack plates, trays, and pots on the bottom. You want to face dishes towards the centre of the dishwasher and angle them downwards, for an optimum clean.”

Most dishwashers also have an eco-friendly setting, so choose this option when using the appliance.

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