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‘Entitled neighbours just come into my garden without me there and call me a Karen’




On the online forum Reddit, a woman who wished to remain anonymous shared her frustration over her cheeky next-door neighbour and asked other users for their opinion.

The woman claimed that she has a “legit crazy neighbour with boundary issues” and explained that although she doesn’t have any kids, she has a trampoline in her backyard that belongs to her younger sister.

The neighbour, who has four kids, recently asked her if they could use the trampoline one day and she said “sure, but only for a bit because I have friends coming over for some drinks”.

At 7pm she asked the kids to go home because her friends had arrived and they started crying and “left the garden upset”.

“Their mum pops her head out her bedroom window and asks if they can stay in the garden longer. Um, no? I’m not your babysitter. She’s annoyed but drops it.”

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Last week, the woman came home from her shopping, and to her surprise, she found all four of the kids in her garden.

She asked them to leave, and told them that “they can’t just come into my garden without me there”. They reportedly refused to leave, so she asked their mum to come get them.

The angry forum user explained that the neighbour said to her: “Let them play for a bit, you don’t even use it”.

After that, they got into an argument and the neighbour reportedly shouted she was “being a Karen”.

The following day, the same happened and the kids were waiting until she moved the car from the driveway to head “straight into the garden”.

She then decided to put a lock on the trampoline but they reportedly opened it to use it.

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