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Government face wipe ban is set to help both the planet and your skin




The ban of plastic wipes could be brought in as early as next year, and certainly spells great news for the environment as wipes cause 93 per cent of blockages in sewers. Environmental experts have welcomed the news. “Soil Association Certification supports the proposed ban. Wet wipes made from plastic do not biodegrade, meaning they persist in the environment for years and leach microplastics into our ecosystems,” says Paige Tracey of the Soil Association.

But celebrity facialist Kate Kerr says we shouldn’t be using cleansing wipes anyway.

“I’m very pro the ban, not only for the environment but also for healthy skin,” she says. “Skin wipes only serve to wipe away make-up, sweat, sebum and pollutants – and do a pretty bad job at that.

“Proper cleansing may not seem important but it is key to healthy functioning skin. Not only because it cleanses away damaging make-up and pollutants, but it prepares the skin for receiving active ingredients and also helps with regulating cell turnover.”


Not too hot or cold “Use warm water and a clean face cloth,” says Kate. “Hot water can damage the skin’s protective barrier, exacerbate rosacea and cause capillary damage. “Cold water isn’t as effective at softening skin, thus impairing the penetration of skincare ingredients.”

Double cleanse dilemma “It’s not always necessary to double cleanse, it depends what cleanser you are using and the make-up you’re wearing,” says Kate. “If you tend to wear a full face of make-up, with a heavier base, I’d definitely recommend double cleansing. But if it is a very lightweight foundation or tinted SPF, then once would suffice.”

Look for acids “I recommend using a gel-based cleanser containing acids such as salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid to help to break down the bonds between the dead skin cells, therefore activating cell turnover and cell function,” says Kate.

60 seconds “Whether you are double cleansing or not, be sure to massage your cleanser in for a whole minute to thoroughly remove make-up, toxins, pollution and build-up,” says Kate.

Do not flush Even non-plastic wet wipes shouldn’t be flushed, as they can cause blockages. Choose cotton or bamboo wipes if needed, and compost them.


Best for… NATURAL

Ishga Exfoliating Face Wash, £30, is organic certified and made in Scotland. It contains fine seaweed grains to gently buff away dirt and grime.


Mantle The Magic Milk, £30, harnesses biome-balancing prebiotics to encourage a calm complexion.

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