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Homelessness: ‘We have a housing crisis’




Re: “The path to a home” [July 17, A1]:

I applaud The Seattle Times for the illuminating coverage of the Gordian knot of “solving homelessness.” The article about Gonzo and Grandma is must-reading.

“Why can’t we solve the homelessness crisis?,” people ask rhetorically and angrily. We have for years created today’s awful edifice of cruelty and inhumanity. We have created our underclass of chronically homeless people. Even as we have built wealth in our communities beyond measure, those benefits were reaped by those at the top.

We do not have a “homelessness crisis.” We have a housing crisis that leads to the human tragedies of hundreds of thousands of unhoused people nationwide; that contributes to increases in drug use, to increases in crime, to angry political bickering and societal dysfunction that paralyzes efforts to work together for solutions.

Yes, there are solutions, as demonstrated in the article’s reporting.

J. Peter Shapiro, Seattle

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