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I tried Kärcher's cordless vacuum and this is what I thought




Whether you use your vacuum daily or weekly, it is necessary for picking up the dust and dirt of everyday life. Not all products are created the same however, so tested out the Kärcher cordless model. 

What can you expect? 

The model retails for £249.99. The product description reads: “The Kärcher VC 4 Cordless Premium vacuum cleaner allows freedom of movement with maximum comfort. 

“With additional accessories such as a universal floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, filter cleaning tool and a 2-in-1 dusting brush this machine offers versatile use around the home.

“A run-time of up to 30 minutes provides uninterrupted cleaning whilst many features such as one-click container emptying, boost mode and an ergonomic design make vacuuming easier.

“Quiet operation and an active floor nozzle guarantee reliable dirt pick-up on hard floors and carpets.

“The handy power lock removes the need to constantly hold down the power button when in use.

“Its carefully conceived design also means it can clean those hard-to-reach areas, such as along the sofa or under furniture. Once finished the useful wall mount allows for easy and convenient storage, ready for it’s next use.”

So, how does it compare to the description?

It definitely feels lightweight – at just over 2kg – and overall my first impressions were good.

The vacuum is long and sleek, making it easy to fit into even the smallest storage space, and it is coloured black and yellow to match Kärcher branding.

It also comes with a wall mount if that’s your preference. Having never used a cordless vacuum before, I was intrigued to see how powerful it would be. 

It promises to pick up dirt from carpets and hard floors alike, and I first tested this on my living room carpet.

What I noticed straight away was how quiet it was compared to the old vacuum I had been using for many years.

My grey carpet had notable bits of fluff from black socks and the first run of my vacuum did little to pick this up. It did feel slightly less powerful than vacuums I have used before.

However, when using the ‘boost’ button for more power and doing another couple of laps, all the marks were lifted up.

When switching between rooms, I was able to use the array of different nozzles that come with the vacuum designed for different spaces.

It was easy to sweep through the room thanks to the light weight and the cordless specification.

After going through my entire flat, I was surprised by just how much had been picked up. I emptied it straight away with the one-click emptying function. 

Final verdict

It’s worth noting that the device has a run time of 30 minutes, which is more than enough power to clean a small flat like mine many times, but may not provide as many uses for a larger house.

When it does need to be charged, it takes 6.5 hours to fully charge so it is definitely a job to do overnight or before heading to work.

Overall, I found the vacuum was slightly less powerful than comparable plug-in models and it did take a few more laps to pick everything up. However, doing this requires relatively little work to get good results and the convenience of ditching the wires was worth it for me. I found the vacuum to be easy to use and perfect for cleaning a small space.

If looking to make a purchase, consider things such as running time and power and if that will work for the area you are hoping to clean. 

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