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‘Instantly’ remove yellow stains and whiten pillows with two ‘essential’ household staples




Many people wash sheets, pillowcases and even throw blankets once a week or more but too many early wash their pillows.

An unwashed pillow can be full of dead skin cells, sweat, bacteria, dust mites, and even mould and mildew.

Typically when pillows get into a really bad state, stains are often formed and most often they are of a yellow shade. 

To help her remove yellow stains and whiten her pillows, one cleaning enthusiast took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page to ask for some advice.

Lisa Harlin wrote: “Can you please tell me how to get yellow sweat stains off of my pillows and whiten them?”

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Many group members suggested using a dishwasher tablet and white vinegar to remove stains and whiten pillows.

Jean Taylor said: “Put them in the washer with a dishwasher tablet and plain white vinegar. Any brand will do and you need to put it on a 60-degree wash to kill the bacteria.”

Tanya Shambrook commented: “Definitely a hot wash with white vinegar and a dishwasher tablet. This is essential for getting it white again and odour-free. But to prevent it in the future, buy some pillow protectors, honestly, they are a godsend.”

Rachel Stewart wrote: “Put on a 60-degree wash and instead of your usual detergent, use a dishwasher tablet and vinegar, they will instantly come out spotless.”

Linda Collins said: “Definitely wash them on a 60-degree with some detergent rubbed in prior to washing them with a dishwasher tablet and white vinegar.”

Vicky Prior advised: “Wash in the washer with a cup of white vinegar and just on dishwasher tablet.”

Alex Moss commented: “I used to use bleach, but I heard that was bad so I’ve switched to using a dishwasher tablet recently and the results are amazing.

“To get rid of any nasty smells I like to add white vinegar. It also helps to keep them soft.”

White vinegar can be used on a multitude of surfaces to remove stains and odours due to its acidic nature.

Dishwasher tablets are not only great for removing food stains from dishes but also stained laundry. put this dishwasher tablet hack to the test and found that not only did this kitchen staple remove all the yellow stains that once previously contaminated the pillow, but it also brightened it completely.

After washing white pillows it is always best to leave them to dry outside in the sun if possible as the UV light acts as a natural bleaching tool.

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