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Jeremy Hunt urged to introduce electric car tax sooner – ‘should be put on immediately’




However, others commented that the move would discourage Britons from making the switch to greener vehicles. 

Username shutupayouface1 supported the introduction but acknowledged: “We still need the driving population to be on board with the phased low to nil emissions philosophy working towards zero carbon output.”

Similarly, president of the AA, Edmund King said: “This may delay the environmental benefits and stall the introduction of EVs onto the second-hand car market. Unfortunately, the Chancellor’s EV taxation actions will dim the incentive to switch to electric vehicles.”

And Tim Slatter, UK chairman of Ford, described the move as “short-sighted”. He explained: “We are still many years from the ‘tipping point’ when electric vehicles will reach cost parity with petrol and diesel vehicles. Until then, we should be incentivising customers to make the greener choice.”

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