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Kent teachers: Strike is about more support for students




Re: “Kent School Board deadlocks on decision to seek injunction to end strike” [Aug. 29, Local News]:

I’m a retired certificated school nurse (still have licenses), and I served 17 years with the Kent School District.

I loved my schools, my students and colleagues. I support the striking Kent teachers.

I understand their reasons for striking — it’s to support their students better. Of course, a financial raise is also needed, but check out these realities:

Some schools have no counselors, at a time of high emotional needs.

School nurses have very high case loads and limited assistance in clinics, at a time of very high student needs physically and emotionally.

Also, special education case loads for teachers are way too high to provide adequate care.

The district seems to just talk about pay raises. That would help, but it isn’t the whole picture. It would be interesting to know what the administration is paid.

Go Kent teachers!

Mary Kathryn Myers, BSN, MPH, RN, Kent

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