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'Michelin star' method promises a 'perfect and runny' poached egg




Russell is a chef who shares recipe videos on his TikTok page @eatlikeanadult. After years of cooking poached eggs as he had been taught when working in professional kitchens, a video by Michelin Star chef Paul Foster completely transformed the way he approached cooking eggs.

In a video posted for his audience of 35.6K followers, Russell said: “I am going to show you how to make the perfect poached egg every time.

“When I was taught how to do poached eggs in professional kitchens I was told to add vinegar to the water and create a vigorous swirl but I recently saw a Michelin star chef do it and I immediately adopted this new way because it’s better in my opinion.”

Russell says the recipe creates the “perfect poached egg” without the risk of any “vinegar taste”. He explained: “You’ll need the freshest eggs at room temperature.

“Get your water to a rolling simmer and then crack your egg into a sieve so it strains off those watery parts of the egg whites for about a minute or so.

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“And that’s how you get this perfectly cooked egg with this beautiful runny yolk. Now finish with a little salt and pepper.”

The method might take some practice in order to get it right, and Russell admits it isn’t “foolproof”.

“Give yourself time to learn,” he said. “And once you’ve got it you’ve got it and then you have got a lifetime of perfect poached eggs.”

The video has amassed over 2,000 comments, with video viewers sharing their experiences testing out the recipe.

A TikTok user said: “This worked brilliantly…I managed to do it with cold eggs and no salt in the water.”

Another commenter named Benny said he found “two minutes and 15 seconds is perfect”.

Jeanie wrote: “I [have] just done this and they came out perfect. Well chuffed.” [SIC]

Fancie added: “Love, poached eggs so much. Restaurants always taste vinegar cause they take shortcuts. Gonna try this at home.” [SIC]

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