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Misinformation: The cost of chronic lies




Re: “Alex Jones’ $49.3M verdict and the future of misinformation” [Aug. 6, Nation]:

It is a relief to see that Alex Jones is finally being held accountable for his lies about the tragic events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, which took place on Dec. 14, 2012. It’s taken almost 10 years for some justice to shut down a man who benefits financially from chronic lying.

Fast forward to our 2020 presidential election. Former President Donald Trump has chronically lied about winning the election, absent any evidence. Even his closest advisers tried to convince him that he lost, to no avail. The cost of his chronic lies has been to create chaos and unfounded laws around counting votes, where no chaos or issue exists. Here in Seattle, as reported in The Seattle Times, “Republican activists organizing ‘surveillance’ of ballot drop boxes in WA” [July 18, Local News].

What problem exists that surveillance cameras are needed? The answer is none. The real question is how will Trump be held accountable for his chronic lying about the 2020 election, which continues to erode our democracy.

Stuart Kaufman, Seattle

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