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Mum who had baby at 58 says it was her 'best decision' – has 'nothing to be ashamed of'




Carolyne did have relationships after this but did not find her “Mr Right”, a man “suitable” enough to have a baby with.

She looked into adoption but discovered that at home and overseas, she might be waiting several years for a child.

Just shy of her 28th birthday, Carolyne found out about embryo adoption, where an embryo is adopted rather than a baby who has already been born.

The age limit for this procedure in Australia is 55 years old so Carolyne looked further afield and made the 6,000 mile trip to India.

So as not to get her hopes up, the soon-to-be mum thought of the trip as a holiday and managed to tick off the Golden Triangle, Agra, Jaipur and New Delhi on her travel bucket list.

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