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New airport: Lawmakers ‘irresponsible’




Re: “WA lawmakers kick hunt for major airport site far into the future” [May 15, Boeing & Aerospace]:

I find it irresponsible that our lawmakers decided to suspend their search for a new regional airport. Our lawmakers are supposed to make these hard decisions. Saying there is too much backlash is not an excuse to drop kick this issue into the future.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is very overcrowded right now. We have seen Transportation Security Administration lines all the way out to the parking garage. Now we are seeing the parking garage full up to the roof level. The cellphone lots are full. We are picking up and dropping off passengers on both departure and arrival levels depending on traffic loads. Planes are landing and have to wait for an available gate to dock at. Are our lawmakers waiting for the complaints and screams to reach a crescendo before they plan to take up the search again?

We need a regional airport to the south to offer relief for Sea-Tac Airport. We already have Paine Field to the north in Everett. Now we need one additional airport to the south.

Frank van der Harst, Bellevue

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