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A silver lining: Hope, despite SA’s dark times 

South Africans are a resilient bunch. No matter what is going on, there always seems to be a large amount of optimism. 

But each time load shedding is implemented, that big dose of optimism seems to wane. On Thursday, Eskom issued a statement saying we should expect load shedding to continue through to next week. This will mean that, on Wednesday, we’ve been left in the dark for a month. On Stage 6 at some points, no less. 

To add to the country’s already cheerless outlook is increasingly high fuel prices, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, which is pushing the price of living through the roof. There’s nothing to celebrate about the country’s unemployment rate either. 

It all does feel rather gloomy. So in light of this, we decided for this week’s Friday Briefing to ask some writers to examine why, despite all the challenges, they still believe in South Africa. 

Independent political and economic analyst JP Landman writes that there has been a big shift in attitude, since the days when Jacob Zuma was our president, and explains why this is a good thing.

Author, co-chair and founder of the Rivonia Circle, Songezo Zibi, is of the view that it is a good thing that there is almost a universal agreement on what our common priorities ought to be in light of our current challenges.  

Defend our Democracy Campaign manager Zaakirah Vadi agrees with Zibi, writing that we can no longer rely on political parties to take us forward. She believes that we need to build a connected, well-organised, and principled people’s movement for democratic renewal and change.

Finally, futurist and scenario planner Clem Sunter analyses what lessons we can take from the Springboks if we are going to grow our businesses. 

I know it’s been a tough few weeks, but as our writers point out, there is still reason to believe in our country. I hope you can reflect on what our writers have to say and find your own motives to believe. 


Vanessa Banton 

Opinions editor

Springboks and foxes: Two of a kind

Our path to becoming a winning nation is to take a pocket of excellence like the Springboks and repeat their model again and again in the world of business, writes Clem Sunter.

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