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‘Prevents fading and cracking’: ‘Best’ way to protect garden furniture in hot weather




The hot weather earlier this week saw Britons face new challenges in their homes and gardens. Some homeowners reported their roofs had melted in the extreme heat while others claimed their streets had melted. With temperatures reaching scorching highs of 40C earlier in the week, other areas of the garden, like outdoor furniture, could be at risk of being damaged from high temperatures.

To put your mind at rest about protecting your outdoor rattan furniture, the experts at Luxury Rattan have answered what Britons should do when it comes to protecting your garden furniture in the heat.

Keeping outdoor rattan furniture in the direct sunlight will cause it to become very hot to the touch and could damage it in the long term, depending on what material it is.

Laura Schwarze, head of Luxury Rattan, explained: “Polyrattan is weatherproof and UV-resistant – which means they are protected from sun rays – meaning the good news is that your outdoor furniture won’t be damaged if left outside in the sun.”

Rattan furniture can be both natural and synthetic.

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Those with rattan furniture should know the difference in order to protect and clean their furniture correctly.

Laura continued: “Nowadays most modern polyrattan furniture is UV-resistant but if you have an older set or you don’t think your outdoor rattan furniture has this protection, I would recommend covering or storing your furniture in the shade if it will be left in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

“Of course, natural rattan will not have UV protection and should always be stored indoors during a heatwave to prevent fading and even cracking to your piece.”

Regardless of whether your outdoor seating is natural or synthetic, padded cushions should always be removed in extreme heat.

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Metal furniture can become extremely hot in the heat.

If your garden furniture is made from metal, it could be hot to the touch and even burn you.

Try and put a parasol up over the area to keep the furniture cool.

Or, keep the garden furniture in the shade until temperatures drop.

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