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Reproductive rights: ‘Not the time to slip backward’




“The criminalization of pregnancy” by Alice Rothchild is a comprehensive, spot-on review of the current controversy over a woman’s right to control her own body, starting with the clever image of Lady Liberty in the garb of a handmaiden [Aug. 2, Opinion].

As Rothchild reveals, so much of this controversy has been created by Christian nationalist thinking and by men who resent the success of women in the workplace and who still feel a woman’s primary purpose is to bear children (as many as the Lord wants) and to work in the home.

The statements of some abortion opponents relegate a pregnant woman’s value to that of a receptacle, a uterus. She loses her right to be an individual who chooses to exercise self-determination. I can’t think of a comparable degrading position that men are subject to, nor would they stand for it.

This is not the time to slip backward. Women should have the freedom to make critical, personal decisions regarding their bodies. The church and unrelated individuals need to respect that red line.

Nina Pruneda, Edmonds

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