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Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss must heed Boris Johnson’s sage advice in his Commons farewell




A star is gorn

IT’S Rishi or Liz for PM. But whoever wins must heed Boris Johnson’s sage advice in his barnstorming Commons farewell.

Stay close to the US. Stick up for Ukraine, for freedom, for democracy. Cut tax and regulation to lure investment. Overrule Treasury caution if need be. Focus on the job but watch out for backstabbers. We can’t argue with that.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss must heed Boris Johnson's sage advice in his Commons farewell


Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss must heed Boris Johnson’s sage advice in his Commons farewellCredit: AFP

Nor with the PM’s assessment of his successes, even if understandably he left out the mistakes and scandals.

Boris DID win a huge majority to crush Corbyn, get Brexit over the line, achieve our independence and ensure democracy prevailed over the Remainer saboteurs, chief among them Keir Starmer.

Boris HAS led the West on Ukraine. And his performance during Covid, jabs especially, will be judged far more kindly in hindsight than it was at the time.

His last steer for his MPs was music to our ears: Ignore Twitter . . . focus on the voters. Twitter-fixated Labour needed to hear that far more than the Tories.

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But they were too busy screeching.

The “be kind” mob saw off Britain’s 77th Prime Minister, a leader battered by Covid, Ukraine and an inflation crisis within two years, with juvenile abuse and performative rage for their followers.

Starmer, their wooden nobody of a leader, uselessly fluffed the punchline of a snarky joke someone scripted for him.

Boris effortlessly brought the house down with a final “Hasta la vista, baby”.

The gulf in charisma was never wider.

Rishi or Liz ought still to beat Labour’s “pointless human bollard”. It’s just a pity Boris won’t be writing THEIR scripts.

Potty Potters

ONCE upon a time JK Rowling made up a sport for wizards. What jolly fun it was too as fictional private school children flew about on magic broomsticks.

It is a little surprising to find grown men and women taking Quidditch seriously in real life, despite the absurdity of waddling about clutching broomstick-like poles between their thighs.

Less surprising is that these overgrown Potters share a childlike rage over Rowling’s thoughtful objections to men automatically becoming women the instant they self-identify as such.

They are renaming her sport “Quadball” to distance themselves fully from her good sense on trans issues.

When they grow up, they may recognise that their fashionably woke stance erodes women’s rights and identity.

First, though, they will need to stop pretending to be little wizards.

Farewell, Debs

IT was the day we had dreaded for years. Dame Deborah James — our Sun star, our Bowelbabe — was finally laid to rest.

How many lifetimes she packed into those 40 years.

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What memories she has left for her loving family . . . and us too.

Goodbye, Debs. Rest in peace.

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