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‘Simple’ method ‘wards off’ moths from clothes without using ‘harmful’ mothballs




Anyone who’s ever noticed small holes in their clothes may have a moth problem in their wardrobes or drawers.

Moths like to feed on a protein called keratin which is most commonly found in natural clothes fibres like wool and silk.

But it’s not just wool and silk garments moths are attracted to. Keratin is present in food residue, sweat, human hair and skin cells which can be found on our clothes.

However, it’s not adult moths that eat clothes, they lay eggs in clothes that then hatch into moth larvae.

The larvae then eat the natural fibres of the clothes because they need nutrients from the animal fibres.

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There are around 2,500 species of moths in the UK. With this in mind, a home expert at HomeServe has shared their top tips on how to banish moths.

Despite mothballs once being commonplace, the expert suggested not using mothballs to get rid of moths.

Mothballs contain either naphthalene or para- dichlorobenzene which can be toxic to humans.

They continued: “Moths can be a real pest – particularly when they get into your wardrobe and chew holes in your favourite jumpers.

“But mothballs are no longer widely used as there is evidence that the chemicals they contain can be harmful to humans.

“Instead, proper storage techniques can be used to ward them off.

“Keep seasonal clothes vacuum packed in the wardrobe, and open food in the pantry stored in sealed containers.

“Ensuring to thoroughly clean and organise these spaces is also a simple tactic to keep areas moth-free.”

Rather than using mothballs to banish moths, homeowners can use lavender which can prevent moths without any nasty side effects.

Lavender contains terpene compounds which moths and other insects like mosquitoes don’t like.

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