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Sky is offering you FREE broadband but this unbeatable deal ends tomorrow




Fancy getting your broadband for free? Thanks to Sky’s best deals that’s exactly what the satellite TV firm is offering its customers with it dishing out speedy internet access without charging them anything for the privilege. It’s a tempting treat but sadly this deal – which has been running throughout August – won’t last forever with Sky confirming that its free broadband incentive will end tomorrow, September 1.

Those signing up before that deadline will be treated to fast 59Mbps downloads with the free deal lasting for the first three months of the 18-month contract.

Once the initial period ends, things will then cost £30.50 per month for the rest of the term.

That means the price you’ll pay over the full 18 months is £457.50 which is pretty good value considering similar speeds from BT will set you back £539.82 (£29.99 per month) and Virgin Media will charge £684 (£38 per month).

If that all sounds enticing then you can check out Sky’s free broadband deal here.

Along with that three-month deal, Sky is also offering a whopping six months of free broadband when customers sign up for the Sky Q and Netflix bundle.

This deal also includes 59Mbps speeds along with Sky TV channels and full access to the Netflix streaming platform. For the first 6 months of the plan, users will pay just £26 per month which is a massive bargain.

Prices then rise to £56.50 for the remainder of the 18-month contract.

You can find full details on Sky TV and free broadband this plan here.

Finally, there’s another deal for anyone wanting to take delivery of the Sky Glass television which beams content to the big screen without the need for a dish.

This connected telly, which also features an in-built soundbar, full voice controls and backlit remote control, is available with six months broadband for free and a £100 Mastercard which can be spent in stores across the UK.

Deals start from just £39 per month for the first six months and you can find full details here.

Want to know more about Sky Glass? Read our full Sky Glass review today.

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