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The Times recommends: Rick Larsen for the 2nd Congressional District




Have a conversation with Rick Larsen, and it doesn’t take long to realize that he’s spent two decades in Congress for a reason: He knows the issues and is deeply engaged in working for his constituents.

Voters in the 2nd Congressional District — which includes the San Juan Islands and communities from Bellingham to Mountlake Terrace — should send him back again.

Larsen said he wants to return to Congress because there is more to do. Not only new challenges, such as continuing to help the region recover from the pandemic, but old issues that have resurfaced, including reproductive rights.

The incumbent can converse at length on everything from how Congress can deal with inflation across the country to the role Growler jets are playing in Ukraine and the noise complaints they generate from Whidbey Island residents.

The pandemic exposed a host of inequities, including gaps in our health care system and labor, in access to broadband internet and lack of child care, Larsen said, and Congress must work on tackling these issues.

If Democrats keep control of the House, Larsen will likely lead the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, a key position that will serve Washingtonians well.

Among the long list of opponents Larsen faces, fellow Democrat Jason Call is the most credible. Call, a high school math teacher who has rejected corporate donations, is mounting a challenge from the far left. While many of his positions may be out of sync with the more moderate-leaning district, Larsen and voters should welcome his presence in the race.

Still, the incumbent is the clear choice in this contest. Voters will be well-served to choose Larsen for another term.

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