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Warehouse safety: Focus on Amazon




Re: “WA Legislature can protect warehouse workers when employers won’t” [March 6, Opinion]:

I could not disagree more.

Let’s face it, most employers do protect warehouse workers. This legislation is about one company (Amazon) and its safety record. The Op-Ed makes that clear.

I respectfully urge the sponsors and the Legislature to address that one company and its safety record. It can be done. Just as the state Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) removed Amazon from the warehouse compensation insurance category — creating a single category for Amazon — legislation can be crafted to address its warehousing model. As the Op-Ed points out, its model is in “contrast to the rest of the warehousing industry.”

I am concerned that using such a broad brush, the legislation penalizes companies and workers who are doing the right thing. Instead, focus on the specific issue and address the problem.

Cliff Kembel, director of sales, Kennewick Branch, Columbia Distributing

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